Wednesday, February 20, 2013

One Year Later

We've just returned from


Sunday, February 19, 2012


I could not let April 2012 approach without updating the family blog. Not sure if this is really a family blog after so much time of would be a wonder if someone came back to check for an update.

Adam has been released from the bishopric. Lise was called to be the Relief Society president. Adam is now the 2nd counselor in the YM program - yes, that means he is the Scout Master (hold back your chuckles).

I will post a few pictures below to add to the update.

October trip to Las Vegas to visit Janet and Jeffrey:

Lise and the boys at the Botanical Gardens during Christmas (excuse the bright flash):Lise and her excellent friend Naomi made scarecrows for the ward Harvest party:Last year we had new lawn and a shed built in the backyard:

Monday, April 11, 2011

Highlights of the past 47 days

Dirt is one of the more exciting things happening right now. Reed was concerned that we ruined the back yard. We are adding more dirt to the backyard (leveling it and covering tree roots) and reseeding the grass. I tell the kids we will have grass like Grandma and Grandpa and they are very excited... or they will be until I tell them they also get to mow it!

For some time now the boys have used scrap wood and other items to make 'forts'. They tend to get changed or moved every week or so. One day the boys thought it would be great to move it the front yard (where was their mother?)! The front yard is where the dirt pit is and they want to dig a tunnel into their fort... Logical, but not good for the curb appeal. The fort stuff unfortunately was dumped due to the above the project.

Dean was part of a 7 person reading team - the gummy bears. The teams read 7 different books and then competed with answering questions from those books. My favorite questions was "on page 63 of this book what paragraph decribes the cave?" And the kids knew it! The gummy bears did so well they got up to the grand challenge! There were 4 teams - 28 kids out of the 1700 that started!

Seattle Monorail - a first time for all. It is nice to say we have done it... It reminded me why I often question those tourist books!